Friday, February 27, 2009

men are not from mars

men are men. not from mars. sometimes i feel like women are stupid. because they cried for men. i am not men haters. but i am very dissapointed of what happen to many of my friends nowadays. yes i know most of them is because teir own stupidity of choosing the wrong one. but i wonder why all this men treat women like we women have no feeling at all. its just `so-not-fair`. yes there`s so much to argue between man and women. but all i can say in this little blog of mine is `mercy` . for amy, this is my advice here, if it happen once, it will happen again. some guys they just cant realize because they are blinded by their `E.G.O`! impossible for them to admit that they are wrong. they are stupid to look and see. slowly go find somebody who are matured enough to think k dear.peace=)

da update

i dont like what`s happening around me. i just walk through it and pray it happen fast. im not sure its going to be well just pray its going to be ok. no matter what, i have to make it happen. like jee says, i have to at least try. i cant be like this. wake up when other people sleep and sleep when people awake. i admit i`ve close my eyes and pretend everything is fine.everything can`t always be fine n ok. i have to do something. wake up and started to live like others. thats why i`ve decided this. i will update later. i`ve promised myself, its going to be ok. i can`t wait to go there=)hihi

my biggest world classroom competition

my biggest world classroom
hello all. This is my caption for my college postcard competition. I love the picture. I upload it here because it is a part of the rules&regulation. Enjoy the pic. Wish me luck.. hihi.. (Peace:Judges!!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

lama gilaa tak post

lama toi aku tak post kan?lately aku bz..tah bz lepak bz tdoq bz pikiaq..macam2 aku post pic terbaru aku n jee n amy.seharian melepakkan diri.sampai ke pagi esoknya.dapat gak la aku merelease ketensionan yang teramat2..hehe..k la nak blah dah chow chow

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

seharian ngn jee mengong=)

jee kata pic ni lawa..tgk la sapa capture..haha
ni kami..suka posing..
aku rasa lawa gak..haha
ni jee driving pun nak posing..jgn tiru dia,dia mengong..hehe
dak aih tak mengong..sayang jee..thanks sbb tdo umah aku 3 malam untuk menghilangkan rasa boring la kawan baik aku ni..mana nak cari rapla sorang ceni..hahahaha

study group ke capture group?

tadela..sbenaqnyer mmg study group.aku je suker capture..sket je k..layannnn...zassss

jee pnya cari kasut

jee kata yang ni lawa
tudia brapa pasang punya try
aku tak sker yang tu
yang tu bekenan sgt
last2 bli yang simple neyy
jalan2 kat queensbay arini.jee nak bli sliper quicksilver.try punya try punya try..jee macam tula..sib bek kali ni dia bli gak.klu tak aku msti dah lompat naik ataih dia(ops!haha)ni aku submitkan pic2 jee memlih milih=

unemployed chef=)

ni dah tambah cheese n meat..yummy!!
nila hasil masakan cepat..time2 tak keje ni, ni la keje aku..try macam2 resipi.(actually reka2 sendrik.haha)tapi jee kata ok..ok la kut..aku tgk pun dah lapaq nih..nnt aku submitkan resipi ari len k=)